Starting a Trinity Forum Reading Group

One way we seek to encourage the formation of the communities of thoughtful leaders that change culture is through encouraging and catalyzing discussion groups around the great ideas and great questions.

Already, there are new groups meeting around the country to join together for reflection, reading, and discussion. They make time to talk about what matters most. They come to know - and be enriched by - the great literature of history. And they grow in their faith as they learn to recognize and integrate the reality of the day-to-day with enduring truths.

Now, we have a new opportunity to make it even easier to launch a reading and discussion group! Our new Reading Group Starter Kit takes all of the guesswork and administrative hassle out of forming and leading a reading group. 

Our Starter Kit provides easy how-to guides for planning and hosting regular meetings, guidelines for group facilitation, thought pieces on the importance of reading, story, and group discussion; discounts for Readings, and invitation templates and administrative help in sending invitations and registering participants. 

Click here to learn more. Visit our online store to check out our Reading Group Starter Kits.

If you have other questions or want to discuss any of this in more depth simply contact Alyssa Abraham, Trinity Forum Events Coordinator, at or 202.944.9881.